Tuesday, October 26, 2010

DO NOT Pack Everything You Need When Traveling With A Baby....

You heard me right....
Pack Everything You Need
 When Traveling With A Baby!

I know you are probably thinking that this sounds a bit crazy, right?
Well once you hear about this next company
you are going to think that the people who pack everything they need are the crazy ones.

I have had the pleasure of sharing some of the wonderful
Modern Mommy Travel Must-Haves
 that I packed and took along with me on our trip to Connecticut
 but I am just as
 excited to share with you
 what I didn't have to pack....

Thanks to

Thanks to the wonderful service provided by http://www.jetsetbabies.com/ I didn't have to pack everything that I needed for our trip ....a box filled with items that we would need once we arrived at our destination was waiting for us when we arrived (sent free of charge for this review) .
Why It's A Must-Have:

Instead of running around town buying stuff that we would need before we left and then trying to cram it into my (already jam-packed) suitcase I just sat down at the computer, picked out the items that we would need on http://www.jetsetbabies.com/ and they did the rest.

The box was waiting for us at my sister's house when we arrived.
I didn't have to lug a bunch of extra stuff through the airport.
I didn't have to be concerned about extra baggage fees.
I had the peace of mind that everything we needed would already be waiting for us at our destination.
We didn't have to try to find what we needed once we got there either...giving us more time to enjoy with our family.
When it comes to traveling with a baby or young child, they have thought of everything – no matter where you are going. Whether your trip is to the beach, a hotel with a pool, camping in the woods or taking to the ski slopes, they offer specialized packages to meet all of your baby’s needs for a long weekend, or a full week. From diapers and baby food to booster seats and portable beds, they ship and track your package to make sure it’s waiting for you when you reach your destination – anywhere in the world.

They carry the brands that your family already uses and trusts.
will even fulfill special requests
 for items not offered on their site.
So if there is something special that your little one just can't be without they've got you covered.
I was able to order Bresden's favorite "hard to find" pacifiers and Colic Calm...and it was super easy.

The representative who handled my order was great...she responded quickly to my questions and concerns, sent me updates on my order status and followed up afterward to make sure that I was completely satisfied with my Jet Set Babies Travel Experience!
 Thanks Maghan!

They also have
another website that I would love to share
 with you called

This website is your one stop shop for baby shower gifts that are sure to please new parents.
They keep their selecion of items limited...keeping it simple, so you are not overwhelmed with too many choices.
I love that they offer monthly diaper delivery services...
What parent wouldn't appreciate that?
I have had the pleasure of experiencing this service first-hand as I am excited to share that I was recently selected as the winner on their blog giveaway of a 3-Month Diaper Delivery....and it is great! 
I have already received my first shipment of diapers and included with the shipment was a magnet (complete with their phone number and website) so I can contact them when I am ready for them to ship out my next month's supply and let them know which size and brand I would like.
I cannot even begin to tell you how convenient this is!  
It's the gift that keeps on giving!

I highly recommend that you keep these two websites in mind when planning a trip or shopping for the perfect baby shower gift.

Become a fan of 
on facebook or follow their blogs
to get notifications of great deals, discounts, and upcoming contests.

You'll be so glad you did.

I was not paid to post this review. I was only compensated by the products that I received free of charge.

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