Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Baby B'Air Kept My Baby Safe In The Air

Well, we are back from our fun-filled trip to Connecticut
 Safe and Sound, 
thanks in part to the first
Modern Mommy Travel Must-Have
 that I am excited to share....

The Baby B'Air Flight Vest

Why It's A Must-Have:

The Baby B'Air Flight Vest is the
 The award winning design
 secures your child to your lap belt
 protect your baby against the unexpected dangers of turbulence
 and to
 keep your child safely on your lap during your flight.

I really don't know why these are not provided by the airlines for the safety of ALL lap-children.

We encountered some tubulence on our flight which could have made for a very dangerous...not to mention stressful and scary experience but I had the comfort of knowing that my baby was safe and secure in his Baby B'Air Flight Vest (provided free of charge for this review).
I could see how a child could be seriously injured if they were not wearing a Baby B'Air & I cannot imagine ever traveling without one.

Bresden didn't mind wearing the vest at all.
And I think he looked pretty cute wearing it!

The fabric was soft, pliable and comfortable enough for him to sleep in  & the strap was long enough that I could move him around on my lap and even feed him.

  It is important to note that there is an existing FAA regulation that restricts the use of all restraint devices other than car seats
 during take-off, taxi and landing
(a regualtion  that Baby B'Air is trying to get the FAA to change). 
But lucky for us, Baby B'Air is approved for use during the cruising portion of the flight when suprisingly 90% of injuries occur.
And you didn't hear this from me....but it just *might* be possible for a baby wearing a Baby B'Air Flight Vest to go unnoticed during taxi, take-off and landing....if you catch my meaning.

If you are planning to travel with a lap-child I highly recommend that you consider purchasing a
Baby B'Air Flight Vest
 for your child's safety and your peace of mind.

"You would never travel by car with baby not secured....
Why do it by air?"

I was not paid to feature this review. I was compensated only by the free product sent for this review.

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