Thursday, June 13, 2013


Anyone else follow Tori Spelling's Blog, EdiTORIial?
I do and I must say that I love it!
Today she posted some great ideas for  
Father's Day Gifts
  and so I thought maybe I should post a couple of my own.  

 Last year just before Father's Day I caught my little guy trying on his Daddy's shoes and snapped a few pics. Talk about perfect timing.  For Father's Day I did a little editing on the photo, added a sweet message, had it printed and framed. 
I wanted to create something special for my Dad too and found this sweet photo of my little guy holding his Papa's hand to use for it..
Voila!  Sweet & Personal Father's Day Gifts To Be Treasured For Years To Come!

Now if only I could come up with something even better for this year!

Just thought someone may benefit from the last minute gift ideas or you could always
 Pin them for next year! 

Be sure to check out Tori's Gift Guide >>>HERE<<<