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Our First Official Giveaway

Since becoming pregnant I have been trying to watch what I eat and have been trying to make sure that I am not doing anything that could be harmful to my baby but I have also been feeling that I should be doing more to take better care of myself and to prepare my body for labor & delivery.When my sister told me that South Beach Prenatal Yoga was interested in having me do a review of their DVD I was excited but also a little concerned as I have never been very good about sticking with a workout routine. I knew that yoga could be beneficial during pregnancy but I really had no idea how beneficial. On their website I found a list of Prenatal Yoga Benefits:
Reduce aches and pains, Guided Meditation and Relaxation, Increase Circulation, Weight Management, Prepare Body and Mind for Labor and Delivery, Increase Overall Strength and Flexibility, Connect With Your Baby, Promote emotional well being, Strengthen pelvic muscles.
After reading this list I was even more excited about receiving the DVD. When it arrived I watched it one time all the way through (without actually participating) just so that I would know what to expect and what would be expected of me and to familiarize myself with what all was on the DVD.

I liked that in addition to the complete workout there were menu options that provide you with poses and postures for specific purposes, like relaxation or labor and delivery and there was even a section which included specific postures and self acupressure techniques for common pregnancy issues and discomforts.
Today I gave the 1-hour workout a try, reminding myself that the women on the video have been doing yoga for years and it was okay if I was not able to do the entire workout. I feel pretty good about what I was able to do and I feel pretty confident that I will be able to do more and more as I continue to work out with the DVD. I found it to be very relaxing, with soothing music and sounds playing in the background, and the instructor Jess Elizabeth speaking in a calming voice throughout the entire workout. I like the way she talks you through each pose & posture and the transitions between them so that you don’t have to continually keep looking up at the screen to make sure you are doing things correctly. Unlike going to a yoga class, I can use the DVD whenever it is convenient for me and in the comfort of my own home, without feeling like anyone is watching me or that there is pressure for me to do more than I am comfortable doing. If I had purchased this DVD it would have been a whole lot less expensive than taking a class too.

So if you want all of the benefits of taking a prenatal yoga class in the comfort of your own home head on over to South Beach Prenatal Yoga's Website and buy your DVD today. Please mention The Modern Mommy Must-Haves Blogspot when placing your order. When you order your DVD from www.SouthBeachPrenatalYoga.com
the Shipping is Free!
Does it get any better than that?
It actually does....
South Beach Prenatal Yoga is offering a free South Beach Prenatal Yoga DVD to one lucky Modern Mommy Must-Haves reader.
Post a separate comment for each entry telling me which you qualify for.
Please include your e-mail address so that I can contact you if you are selected as the winner.
Mandatory 1st entry- FOLLOW Modern Mommy Must-Haves and comment that you do.
Once you have completed the Mandatory 1st entry you may do any (or all) of the following that you choose to qualify for additional entries:
3 entries- Sign up for South Beach Prenatal Yoga's newsletter (this will be verified)
Please note: To receive all 3 entries you must post 3 separate comments.
1 entry- Visit www.SouthBeachPrenatalYoga.com and tell me one of the DVDs Features
1 entry- Tell me what about this DVD appeals most to you
1 entry- Tell me if you would use this DVD yourself or give it to someone else, if you were selected as the winner.
1 entry (per friend e-mailed)- E-mail your friend(s) about this giveaway and send a copy of your e-mail(s) to me:
You will qualify for 1 entry for each friend that you e-mail
but you must post a separate comment for each friend.
This Giveaway will end On March 9th 2010
and is open to US residents only!
Have Fun Spreading The Word About
South Beach Prenatal Yoga & The Modern Mommy Must-Haves Blogspot!
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A Topless Review...

Now that I have your attention….I would like to tell you about a product called Blush!

What is Blush?

Blush is a topless undershirt that just might become a favorite part of your everyday wardrobe.
You may recall my sister Courtney doing a “Non Pregnant” review of
Blush a while back but I am excited to share a “Pregnant” review of this product with you.Why I like Blush & think you will too (pregnant or not)….
Blush is made of a poly/rayon/spandex blend that provides a lot of stretch (great for an expanding tummy) and it is super soft and comfortable to wear.
Blush provides the popular layered look that you would get from layering an undershirt under one of your favorite shirts but because it is topless and does not have any straps it provides a smoother look that is not bulky, won’t ride up like other undershirts and can be pulled down to provide as much coverage as you need. Also, since it doesn’t have any straps so it can even be worn under halter and strapless tops. You could throw away those shirts that shrunk in the dryer (and are now too short to wear) or just wear your Blush under them instead.
I have found that wearing a
Blush is a great way to expand your pregnancy wardrobe to include some of your pre-pregnancy clothes. A Blush is great for when your belly grows and your pre-pregnancy tops don’t cover your tummy or the unsightly top of your maternity pants.Also, if you want to continue to wear your favorite pre-pregnancy pants you can use the undershirt (either single layered or doubled up) to conceal the fact that you are still wearing your favorite pants unbuttoned/unzipped.
I also love that after my pregnancy I can continue to wear my
Blush while I am nursing to provide (much needed & appreciated) coverage to my midsection.
It will also be great for when I am bending down to play with or care for my baby as I won’t have to be concerned that I am flashing anyone my backside.
So whether you are pregnant, have a long torso, a tendency to shrink clothes in the dryer, like the look of layering without the bulk or just want a little extra coverage…
Blush is the product for you.
I would like to thank
Blush Topless Undershirts for sending me a topless undershirt (free of charge) so that I could spread the word about Blush to all of you.

I am also excited to announce that they are offering a discount code to you, the One Bored Mommy Blogspot Readers. Use the code: welovebloggers to receive 20% off when you purchase 2 or more undershirts from their website. http://www.toplessundershirt.com/

Amon Maternity Satisfies a Mom's Need for Comfort in Every Stage of Motherhood

This review was previously featured on The One Bored Mommy Blogspot:

I remember my back & belly aching during pregnancy. My tummy was so large, it stuck out like a torpedo (I am not exaggerating). I ended up purchasing a cradle contraption, towards the end of my fourth pregnancy, to help hold it up because it was painful to even walk. Now, since I've had four children, my "muffin top" from stretched out skin is a rather embarrassing new addition to my body. One I'd rather do away with or find a product that can help me conceal it. Especially since I am pretty slender...the bulge under my shirt is rather noticeable and not attractive at all.

So what's a mom to do? Is there a company that offers undergarments that can support a growing baby bump and then, help flatten and smooth out the leftovers? I've got exciting news for you...that my sister & I both get to share!
This is the first request we've had for a joint review and my sister & I were so excited to do it together. It made the distance between Connecticut and Texas so much closer. So brace yourself, as we introduce you to two different products that
Amon Maternity offers.
Okay, so I have to admit that I was a little apprehensive about reviewing the Amon Behold Band….. Why? Well, I am not very far along in my pregnancy and so I wasn't sure that my tummy would be large enough for the band to provide me much noticeable back & belly support and I was also concerned that it would be uncomfortable as I cannot stand to wear anything that is too tight or binding around my stomach.

But I was pleasantly surprised by the support that it provided to my tummy and back even at this early stage in my pregnancy. I really feel that my posture is improved when I am wearing it. I also found the fabric & all-way stretch design of the band to be quite comfortable, providing a smooth seamless fit that was neither too tight nor too loose and didn’t look bulky under my clothes. The band features a tummy section which expands to provide comfortable support for the varying stages of pregnancy….so it will grow with me. I look forward to the comfort and support that my Behold Band will provide throughout the rest of my pregnancy.

I, on the other hand, was not apprehensive at all about this review. I was rather hopeful actually! HOPEFUL that this product, Amon's Forgive BodyShaper, could help my body forgive the torment of stretching and hide this pooch I have had from since giving birth to four kids.
So I slipped the
Forgive BodyShaper on and pulled it up. Right away, I noticed a difference! The fit was tight, but not uncomfortable. Though it didn't magically make my extra skin disappear completely, it helped make a much smoother line under my t-shirt. This product is definitely something I will wear under a form fitting dress, to conceal any leftovers from pregnancy and helping me feel confident and "HOT".


So no matter what stage you are in life, you could probably find a product that
Amon Maternity carries, that would appeal to your body in some way. Thanks Amon Maternity! Both my sister and myself will be getting a lot of use out of our new Amon undergarments!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Tummy-Talk Pregnancy Journal & Announcement Cards Review

Have you ever held something in your arms and knew that you would cherish it for a lifetime?
I’m sure that is how I will feel when I hold my baby for the first time….
But that is also exactly how I felt when I received my Tummy Talk Pregnancy book (sent to me free of charge from Tummy-Talk). It is an all-in-one album, scrapbook and keepsake journal that can be completely customized by adding your mementos, journaling your thoughts and inserting your photos….and I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE IT!
I was determined to find just the right pregnancy journal when I first found out that I was pregnant, but after searching local bookstores and retailers I was convinced that what I was looking for simply did not exist….. That is, until I stumbled upon their store and it was there, that I found just what I had been looking for…a pregnancy journal that would become a treasured family keepsake.

It was love at first sight and at first touch when this book came. The beautiful hard cover of the book is so soft it feels like suede or velour and is available in 4 colors, each adorned with a hand-placed Swarovski crystal. The journal is divided into 5 different sections with colorful tabs identifying each one. The five sections include pregnancy stories, doctor’s visits, weekly journaling, baby shower and birth details…there seems to be a space to document all the little details that you won’t want to forget and there are even pockets to hold extra little mementos from your pregnancy. I think one of my favorite things is that it includes stationary for writing letters to the baby with a place to keep them in the front cover. How sweet is that? There are also little scrapbook cutouts for friends and family to write first love notes to the baby. Did I mention that I LOVE THIS JOURNAL?

My only complaint….They don’t offer a baby book…. at least not yet or that I am aware of. But you can bet that I will be contacting them and begging them to come out with one. I figure they have a few months to work on it before my baby arrives.
I was so wrapped up talking about the journal that I almost forgot to mention the adorable and unique pregnancy announcement & thank you cards that they also offer….and they are definitely worth mentioning. Each one is so cute and so unique, with fun little sayings like (my personal favorite) “guess what? baby butt. (we’re pregnant).” These unforgettable little cards are sure to make you and their recipient smile. I could go on forever about this company’s wonderful products but I am anxious to get started documenting my pregnancy in my own Tummy Talk journal and I want to give you the opportunity to head over to their website and maybe order one for yourself or as a gift.
I am excited to share....
Tummy-Talk is currently offering a giveaway of one of these beautiful journals and a couple sets of their cards on (my sister's blog) The One Bored Mommy Blogspot.
Whether you are trying, expecting, or know someone who is this is a giveaway that you won't want to miss out on...visit The One Bored Mommy Blogspot & enter today!
Hurry, this giveaway will end on March 6, 2010 and is open to US Residents only!
We were not paid to feature this review or giveaway!

Would You Wrap Your Baby in a Blanket in the Blazing Summer Heat?

I would…. Now that I have a Koala Kuddles swaddle, that is.

This review was previously featured on The One Bored Mommy Blogspot:

Since my baby will be born in the heat of the summer I hadn’t really planned on doing much swaddling. I have heard about the sleep benefits of swaddling and also find that it is easier for people to hold & pass a baby around that is swaddled but figured that swaddling was probably not really an option as our baby is due in July and would overheat if wrapped in a traditional receiving blanket. Luckily, Koala Kuddles makes swaddling possible any time of the year. Their swaddles are made of a breathable cotton weaved fabric that allows excess heat to escape from the swaddle, minimizing the risk of overheating and allowing moms and babies to benefit from a longer and better sleep even in warmer weather. These great swaddles are available in boxes of 3 so you are sure to always have a spare when the others are being laundered. I should also mention that these swaddles get softer with each washing. In fact, the first thing that I did when I received my Koala Kuddles swaddle, (sent to me free of charge from Koala Kuddles) was wash it to see if their claim was true. The swaddle was in fact noticeably softer after just one washing, as you can even see in the before & after photos. According to the Koala Kuddles website, “One of the loveliest things about these wraps is the more they are washed, the softer they become.” It is no wonder that after your child has outgrown swaddling your Koala Kuddles are likely to become a favorite blankie for your toddler. They can also be used for privacy when nursing or to provide shade for your child’s stroller or carseat. If you are unfamiliar with how to swaddle your baby I encourage you to visit www.KoalaKuddles.com and watch the swaddling video demonstration on their site. While you are there you might want to consider ordering some of these great blankets for yourself or maybe as a gift for someone else.

We were not paid to feature this product review!

Be Nice To Your Baby, Be Nice To Your Body

This review was previously featured on The One Bored Mommy Blogspot:
This week I received a package in the mail (free of charge) from Be Nice Inc. Inside were four On The Go Packets of their prenatal drink mix with DHA. Each packet of Be Nice contains 25% of the doctor recommended supply of folic acid, vitamins, and minerals, along with DHA. When you take the packets throughout the day, your body can better retain and utilize nutrients, while you and your baby stay hydrated. Before I tried them out I visited their website www.beniceinc.com to learn a little more about the company and about the samples that I had just received to review. I encourage you to do the same as it is loaded with information and answers to questions that you may have about this product too.
My main concern about using these mixes was that I already take a prenatal vitamin (prescribed by my doctor) and I wasn’t sure if this was something that I could drink in addition to taking my regular prenatal vitamins or that I should drink instead of taking my regular vitamin. It turns out that I could do either. According to the website, you can drink up to 2 packets of
Be Nice in addition to your prenatal vitamin if desired and depending on how good your diet is, you can drink 3-4 packets of Be Nice per day in place of taking a regular prenatal vitamin. Dr. Bansi Vora, OB/GYN is quoted on the website saying, "I recommend Be Nice to my patients as a replacement for their regular prenatal vitamin. It's a great way for my patients to stay hydrated." So after a little research I felt confident trying out the products….

Adding the packets to 16.9 oz of water was very convenient as this is a common bottled water size. So I just poured in a packet, replaced the cap and gave the bottle a gentle shake and it was ready to drink.

So how did they taste? Available in two flavors, Berrylicious and Lemonade (of the two flavors I preferred the flavor of the Lemonade) it was definitely nice to drink something besides water, which is what I have mostly been drinking these past 4 months. Drink options are pretty limited when you are trying to avoid beverages that are loaded with sugar, caffeine or artificial sweeteners.

In fact I am thinking that I may carry some of these packets in my purse and add them to my water at restaurants when we go out to eat. As I am also finding that in addition to not having many beverage options for pregnant women a lot of restaurant water does not taste so great and this would be a great way to improve the flavor, adding a bit of variety to my beverage options, while providing the hydration, essential vitamins, minerals and DHA that my body and baby need. Wouldn’t a Free Sample BE NICE? You can visit their website www.beniceinc.com to buy some now or click on the Request Free Samples button to have samples sent to you (let them know that you heard about them on The Modern Mommy Must-Haves Blogspot). If you do make a purchase or request a sample we would love for you to come back here and leave a comment telling us and our other readers what you thought about this product.
We were not paid to feature this product review!


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