Monday, February 22, 2010

Would You Wrap Your Baby in a Blanket in the Blazing Summer Heat?

I would…. Now that I have a Koala Kuddles swaddle, that is.

This review was previously featured on The One Bored Mommy Blogspot:

Since my baby will be born in the heat of the summer I hadn’t really planned on doing much swaddling. I have heard about the sleep benefits of swaddling and also find that it is easier for people to hold & pass a baby around that is swaddled but figured that swaddling was probably not really an option as our baby is due in July and would overheat if wrapped in a traditional receiving blanket. Luckily, Koala Kuddles makes swaddling possible any time of the year. Their swaddles are made of a breathable cotton weaved fabric that allows excess heat to escape from the swaddle, minimizing the risk of overheating and allowing moms and babies to benefit from a longer and better sleep even in warmer weather. These great swaddles are available in boxes of 3 so you are sure to always have a spare when the others are being laundered. I should also mention that these swaddles get softer with each washing. In fact, the first thing that I did when I received my Koala Kuddles swaddle, (sent to me free of charge from Koala Kuddles) was wash it to see if their claim was true. The swaddle was in fact noticeably softer after just one washing, as you can even see in the before & after photos. According to the Koala Kuddles website, “One of the loveliest things about these wraps is the more they are washed, the softer they become.” It is no wonder that after your child has outgrown swaddling your Koala Kuddles are likely to become a favorite blankie for your toddler. They can also be used for privacy when nursing or to provide shade for your child’s stroller or carseat. If you are unfamiliar with how to swaddle your baby I encourage you to visit and watch the swaddling video demonstration on their site. While you are there you might want to consider ordering some of these great blankets for yourself or maybe as a gift for someone else.

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  1. Oh! That is neat! My baby is due at the end of June and this helps ease my paranoia! lol. I am at a loss for what to do with summer babies. My oldest was a November baby and then I have an April and May baby so it was still relatively cool. I am going to get one of these!

  2. I am an older mom and one of my 6 kids was born in the month of JULY. She had terrible colic and now am wondering if swaddling WOULD have helped her. ANY time I covered her she would get heat rash, so I could barely put clothing on her at all. I bet THIS blanket would have been perfect! So thankful they have products out there now for my grandkids (and the new little grandkids I am praying for someday ;) !!

    thanks for the reveiw!


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