Monday, February 22, 2010

Be Nice To Your Baby, Be Nice To Your Body

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This week I received a package in the mail (free of charge) from Be Nice Inc. Inside were four On The Go Packets of their prenatal drink mix with DHA. Each packet of Be Nice contains 25% of the doctor recommended supply of folic acid, vitamins, and minerals, along with DHA. When you take the packets throughout the day, your body can better retain and utilize nutrients, while you and your baby stay hydrated. Before I tried them out I visited their website to learn a little more about the company and about the samples that I had just received to review. I encourage you to do the same as it is loaded with information and answers to questions that you may have about this product too.
My main concern about using these mixes was that I already take a prenatal vitamin (prescribed by my doctor) and I wasn’t sure if this was something that I could drink in addition to taking my regular prenatal vitamins or that I should drink instead of taking my regular vitamin. It turns out that I could do either. According to the website, you can drink up to 2 packets of
Be Nice in addition to your prenatal vitamin if desired and depending on how good your diet is, you can drink 3-4 packets of Be Nice per day in place of taking a regular prenatal vitamin. Dr. Bansi Vora, OB/GYN is quoted on the website saying, "I recommend Be Nice to my patients as a replacement for their regular prenatal vitamin. It's a great way for my patients to stay hydrated." So after a little research I felt confident trying out the products….

Adding the packets to 16.9 oz of water was very convenient as this is a common bottled water size. So I just poured in a packet, replaced the cap and gave the bottle a gentle shake and it was ready to drink.

So how did they taste? Available in two flavors, Berrylicious and Lemonade (of the two flavors I preferred the flavor of the Lemonade) it was definitely nice to drink something besides water, which is what I have mostly been drinking these past 4 months. Drink options are pretty limited when you are trying to avoid beverages that are loaded with sugar, caffeine or artificial sweeteners.

In fact I am thinking that I may carry some of these packets in my purse and add them to my water at restaurants when we go out to eat. As I am also finding that in addition to not having many beverage options for pregnant women a lot of restaurant water does not taste so great and this would be a great way to improve the flavor, adding a bit of variety to my beverage options, while providing the hydration, essential vitamins, minerals and DHA that my body and baby need. Wouldn’t a Free Sample BE NICE? You can visit their website to buy some now or click on the Request Free Samples button to have samples sent to you (let them know that you heard about them on The Modern Mommy Must-Haves Blogspot). If you do make a purchase or request a sample we would love for you to come back here and leave a comment telling us and our other readers what you thought about this product.
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