Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Topless Review...

Now that I have your attention….I would like to tell you about a product called Blush!

What is Blush?

Blush is a topless undershirt that just might become a favorite part of your everyday wardrobe.
You may recall my sister Courtney doing a “Non Pregnant” review of
Blush a while back but I am excited to share a “Pregnant” review of this product with you.Why I like Blush & think you will too (pregnant or not)….
Blush is made of a poly/rayon/spandex blend that provides a lot of stretch (great for an expanding tummy) and it is super soft and comfortable to wear.
Blush provides the popular layered look that you would get from layering an undershirt under one of your favorite shirts but because it is topless and does not have any straps it provides a smoother look that is not bulky, won’t ride up like other undershirts and can be pulled down to provide as much coverage as you need. Also, since it doesn’t have any straps so it can even be worn under halter and strapless tops. You could throw away those shirts that shrunk in the dryer (and are now too short to wear) or just wear your Blush under them instead.
I have found that wearing a
Blush is a great way to expand your pregnancy wardrobe to include some of your pre-pregnancy clothes. A Blush is great for when your belly grows and your pre-pregnancy tops don’t cover your tummy or the unsightly top of your maternity pants.Also, if you want to continue to wear your favorite pre-pregnancy pants you can use the undershirt (either single layered or doubled up) to conceal the fact that you are still wearing your favorite pants unbuttoned/unzipped.
I also love that after my pregnancy I can continue to wear my
Blush while I am nursing to provide (much needed & appreciated) coverage to my midsection.
It will also be great for when I am bending down to play with or care for my baby as I won’t have to be concerned that I am flashing anyone my backside.
So whether you are pregnant, have a long torso, a tendency to shrink clothes in the dryer, like the look of layering without the bulk or just want a little extra coverage…
Blush is the product for you.
I would like to thank
Blush Topless Undershirts for sending me a topless undershirt (free of charge) so that I could spread the word about Blush to all of you.

I am also excited to announce that they are offering a discount code to you, the One Bored Mommy Blogspot Readers. Use the code: welovebloggers to receive 20% off when you purchase 2 or more undershirts from their website. http://www.toplessundershirt.com/

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  1. Great review! Nice to see what it actually looks like ON! I have a niece due in July. I don't know the style of clothes she is wearing right now in maternity wear...but this looks GREAT!