Sunday, January 30, 2011

I Want A Zigo & After You Read This You Will Too!

What is A Zigo?

It's A
Carrier Bike!

It's A
Walking Stroller!

It's A
Jogging Stroller!

It's A

It's A Wonderful Way For You
Your Kiddos to Get Out Of The House &
 Enjoy The Great Outdoors!
 I Want One SOOOOO BAD!!!

I have actually been interested in (okay, drooling over) carrier bikes for a while now.
They seem like such a great way for the youngest or even physically challenged members of your family to enjoy a good ol' fashioned bike ride with the rest of the family. 

I love that with a Zigo you don't have to have a separate carrier bike, walking stroller, jogging stroller & bicycle...
Because Zigo is Your All-In-One Mom-or-Dad-Powered Family Transportation System.

I love that Zigos are designed in such a way that your little passenger can actually
enjoy the scenery rather than just having a nice view of Mom or Dad's backside
(like they would with traditional bike trailers or child seats).

And As If It Couldn't Get Any Better....
Zigo Is Rolling Out All Kinds of New Accessories This Spring

Coming in Spring is the new Infant Insert, designed to allow younger children to safely and comfortably use the Zigo Leader in stroller mode. Also new for Spring are the Zigo Fenders with Lights. Protect yourself from mud and water with front fenders that attach to the ChildPod's 20' wheels. Includes integrated front and rear lights for visibility and illumination. Other Leader accessories are the Jogging Kit, Trailer Kit, Second Harness, Environmental Control System (Mesh and Wind/Drizzle Guard), full Rain Cover, and Rear Rack with Wheel Mount (for carrying front wheel of cycle with you.)
Expand your Zigo system and do more.

Did I Mention....
I just discovered (literally minutes ago) that Zigo is giving away...
Yes, Giving Away...
A Zigo Leader X2 Carrier Bicycle.
Unfortunately, Entries are due by Tomorrow & as I just mentioned I only found out about the contest minutes ago sooo....I probably won't have time to put together a Zigo Winning Video in time.
So A Plea To The Zigo Powers That Be....
You mention on the contest page that if a video submission is really persuasive that you may just have to add some extra give-away units....
What About Persuasive Blog Reviews?
Maybe you could add an extra give-away unit for me?
(Did I mention that my Birthday is this Week?)
I would love to have the opportunity to share my personal Zigo Experience with my readers and everyone who will undoubtedly stop and stares while we are out & about with our Zigo.
Hoping My Zigo Dreams Come True!!!
Stay Tuned To See If They Do!
to make yours come true!
I was not paid to post this feature but I will receive entries (hopefully winning entries) into their contest.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A New Bag For The New Year...

Did You Make Any New Year's Resolutions for 2011?

Well, if one of your resolutions was
to get more organized or be more stylish then I may have found just the bag for you.

I had the pleasure of reviewing a Jessica Bishop Signature Personal Bag (sent free of charge for this review) & let me tell you.....this bag is so much more than just a diaper bag.

You will be using this bag long after your kiddos have grown out of diapers.

Why It's A Must-Have:

~It's So Stylish
I love that it doesn't scream "diaper bag!"

~ Designed For Organization
I love all the space inside and separate compartments.....even a clip for your keys!
See All The Details Here

~So Versatile
It's a bag that goes "from baby to boardroom."

~No Need For A Separate Purse

I have been trying to find a way that I can carry just one bag for me and my baby.  But so many other diaper bags are just a deep dark hole where all of my personal belongings would get lost and mixed in with my baby's....this bag is designed so that you can keep your stuff and your baby's separate and organized. 
All These Great Features.....No Wonder Huggies Enjoy the Ride website picked up two of Jessica Bishop bags for their website. Giving customers the opportunity to redeem points for the gray backpack/messenger bag and they could also spend points on their sweepstakes for the checkerboard bag.
But you don't have to buy Huggies to score a Jessica Bishop Bag for yourself.....
you can just order your Jessica Bishop Bag from Kohl's. 
I just checked out the website and they have a deal right now....
Get one for yourself and one for a gift or get two for yourself.

Now is the time to buy yourself those things that you wish you had gotten for Christmas!

New Year, New Bag, New You!

Happy Shopping & Happy New Year!