Friday, December 10, 2010

FlyeBaby Review & Discounts

I don't know about you.... But one of my favorite things to do when I am flying is to check out all the newest products in SkyMall. 
You know.... that magazine in the seatpocket in front of you that is filled with all kinds of neat stuff.

Well on one of my most recent trips I was looking through SkyMall  & I came across 
What is FlyeBaby?
And Why is it A Must-Have?

It's a portable, hammock-style, fabric seat that secures to your airplane tray table providing a secure and comfortable seat for your baby that allows face-to-face interaction.....and when I saw it I thought to myself, "I have got to get one of those."

Bresden LOVES face-to-face interaction and keeping him smiling is a top priority in the confined cabin of an airplane.

I am happy to say that we had the pleasure of trying FlyeBaby out on our trip to California
(sent to us free of charge for this review) 
and Bresden Loved It!
It was a great way to give my arms a break from holding him and provided him with a comfy place to kick-back, relax and play.
The other thing that I love about FlyeBaby is that it has uses beyond just airplane flights
It is designed to also work on dining room chairs and beach chairs.
So it not only creates a secure, comfortable place for your baby on flights, but at home, at a restaurant, around a pool or at the beach.

According to the FlyeBaby website it is the ONLY multi-use product of it’s kind!

It's Machine Washable & Folds Up To Fit In Your Diaper Bag
and even comes with a Matching Drawstring Bag to Keep It In!

I'm sure that we will be getting a lot of use out of our FlyeBaby on future flights and I will be carrying it in my diaper bag (once Bresden is able to sit up unassisted)
for use in restaurants and at homes of friends and family as a portable highchair.

I'm sure that you are going to want to get one too so.....
FlyeBaby is offering a special discount of $10 off the retail price of $39.99
(the retail price was just lowered from $49.99)
and free standard shipping within the Continental US
just for Modern Mommy Must-Have readers.  

That Makes It Just $29.99! 

The Discount Code Is:

Looking for even more of a bargain?

I have a little insider info for you.....
A very limited quantities of FlyeBaby's that have minor aesthetic defects will be available on the website soon for a drastically reduced price of $17.99 (and that includes shipping).  These slightly imperfect FlyeBaby's have minor defects that are not that noticeable, will not effect the functionality and may be well worth the savings!!!  In fact, the FlyeBaby that I received for this review was one of the ones that just did not pass the quality inspection because the blue colors on the label were a little faded and not the vibrant blue that they are supposed to be.

If you are planning to travel with an infant or know someone who is I highly recommend that you check out
and get in on one of these great opportunities to save.
Also, keep an eye out for a new and improved version of FlyeBaby to be launched early next year.

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