Friday, December 10, 2010

A Day At The Beach Without The Sand?

Wouldn't It Be Nice To Spend A Day At The Beach Without The Sand?

Sounds too good to be true, right?

I found a company who makes it possible......
This Australia based company offers a variety of sand-free products that "move sand down-under."
Sand and dirt fall right through the 2-layer mesh mats providing you with a place to enjoy the outdoors sand-free.
Their mesh technology was originally designed to eliminate dirt, dust and debris from being kicked up by the helicopters rotors when landing. 
We had the opportunity to review one of their
Sand-Free Multi-Mats
 while we were at the beach in California. 
 It was Bresden's first time at the beach and we were hoping to get some good family photos while we were there.

The Multi-Mat provided a nice sand-free place to set down our bags, jackets, and belongings while we took photos and gave me a nice sand-free place to sit down and feed Bresden.

The sand really did just slip right through the mat...just like in the video on their website.
Wet sand that we dropped onto the mat didn't slip through as easily as the dry but it dissappeared when  you tapped on the mat (and the dry sand is what mostly gets kicked up anyways). 

The texture of the multi-mat is pretty rough so you probably wouldn't want to put your little one directly on it. 
But by putting Bresden's blanket in the center of the Multi-Mat he was able to lay on one of his favorite blankets right on the beach and was protected from sand being kicked up onto his blanket by the sand-free barrier that the Multi-Mat created around his blanket.

On That Note...
I am excited to share that
CGear is actually coming out with a new product that will be available in January that utilizes the same patented technology as the Mat but this new CGear Sand-Free Rug has a soft top layer allowing you to sit directly on the Rug. Making it great for babies & children and a the perfect sand-free beach or picnic blanket for families.

Does Your Family Like To Camp?

I should also metion that CGear Sand-Free Multi-Mats are great for camping.  
They help to keep your campsite cleaner and also reduce the amount of dirt that is tracked into your tent or RV.
I remember my mom continually sweeping out our travel trailer when our family used to go camping.  We tracked in so much dirt and sand.  If only we would have had one of these mats back then.  My mom would have been able to spend less time cleaning and more time just relaxing and enjoying herself.

I am thinking that we might just keep our Multi-Mat in our car so that we will have it whenever we need it.

Check out
to see how
 CGear can make your outdoor experience
much more enjoyable whether you are using it in
The Outback or just out-back!

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  1. I make a product that is lighter, softer, cute beach themed fabrics and comes with pillows. The sand does not go through the sheet like the sand free mat but the sand does not stick to the sand free beach sheet. You can lay directly on the sheet because it's soft. It's made in the USA. Check it out at my website: