Friday, December 10, 2010

CSN Stores Make Feeding Time Easy.....

Do you remember me telling you about
CSN Stores before we left for our trip to California?

 I was excited about all of the great products they had to offer and was looking forward to sharing with you what I found in the
Baby Feeding section of
once we started Bresden on solid foods.

Well the time has come.....
Bresden had his first taste of rice cereal on Thanksgiving Day while we were in California.
So we were finally able to try out the
that we ordered from
CSN Stores.

The Boon Squirt...

I had actually never used a Boon Squirt before this but I have actually given them as gifts. My sister-in-law raved about them and I went all over town looking for them when I needed a baby gift (this was before I knew about CSN Stores).  I could have saved myself a lot of time and energy if I had known about CSN Stores back then. 
Anyways, I was pretty excited to finally try it out and I liked it even more than I had expected....which says a lot because my expectations were pretty high.
To use the Boon Squirt you just pour food in the handle, screw on the spoon, squeeze and feed.
Then just toss it in the dishwasher!
It really is that simple!
There is even a cap in case he doesn't finish it all.
According to my sister-in-law you can dump an entire jar of baby food into it at once.
A Little Tip: When filling the Boon Squirt....I found that I could scrape all of the food into the handle easier if I set the handle in an empty cup... then it was sitting upright and I had both hands to hold the bowl or jar and  one to scrape the food into it with a spoon.
I actually thought that I would mainly just use the Boon Squirt for feedings on the go but I have been using it at home for every feeding since I first tried it.
Definitely going to be getting some more of these!
It makes feeding him so much easier and cleaner too as I am not dripping food on the way to his mouth.

Baby Bjorn Soft Bib...

I had actually used a Baby Bjorn Soft Bib before this.  A family that I babysat for had one and I really liked it.  You really only need to have one of these at home because you just rinse it off and it is ready to be used again.  With fabric bibs you have to have a bunch because they have to be laundered. Another benefit to it not being fabric is that it won't start looking dingy and stained the way that fabric bibs do when they are used again and again.
 I love that it has a food catcher...great for catching drips now and pieces of food that would end up on the floor (when he is older). 
Bresden is loving eating solid foods and
I am loving the convenience of the
Boon Squirt & Baby Bjorn Bib.
CSN Stores!!!

I was not paid to post this review.  I was compensated only by the store credit that I received to purchase the items for this review.

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