Monday, May 3, 2010

ORGANIC...Just Another Trend?

In shopping for our baby I began to notice more and more products labeled "organic"...

Everything from baby food to diapers and
I couldn’t help but wonder what all the hype was about.

With celebrity children sporting designer organic duds and the prices for organic products tending to be a bit higher I began to think that maybe Organic was just another status symbolJust Another Trend?!?!

I mean, I didn’t have “organic” products growing up & I’m fine….. so what is all the fuss about?

The difference is that our children are exposed to increasingly more toxins & chemicals than past generations. This increased exposure has been linked to the rise in allergies, autism, learning disorders’ and developmental disabilities.

According to The Center for Children’s Health and the Environment at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York “Today, children are exposed to thousands of substances in the environment, most of which have never been tested for toxicity to children. The implications of this massive experiment in exposure are unknown. Environmental toxicants are suspected to be correlated with many disorders that, until recently, have been assumed to be genetic in origin… attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder, and autism are among the disorders that may be linked to environmental toxicants.”

So buying "Organic" is Not Just Another Trend….it is a decision to protect our children!

Realistically, we cannot keep our children in a bubble, protecting them from all of the toxins that exist in the environment but we can be more conscience of what toxins we allow into our home.

I may not be able to afford buying “everything” organic but I am willing to spend a little extra money on the items that may impact my child’s health the most.

Since babies spend most of their time sleeping…..
An organic crib mattress just makes sense!

I had the privilege of reviewing a Naturepedic No-Compromise Organic Cotton Ultra crib mattress (sent to me free of charge for this review). I was impressed with the quality of this award-winning organic mattress and the wealth of information on the Naturepedic website. I am comforted to know that my baby will Sleep Healthy on this high quality organic mattress, free from exposure to unnecessary toxins.

Why it’s A Must-Have:


(this means so much more to me now that I truly understand the health benefits of buying organic)
• Organic Cotton Cover with Waterproof Surface
(So safe you could eat off of it….not that I would recommend that!)

• It’s Hypoallergenic
(Very important in our house as my husband has pretty severe allergies)

o Dust Mite Barrier
o No Latex, Wool, or other high allergy materials

• Organic Cotton Filling

• Firm Support
(a firm mattress is recommended for safe infant sleeping)
o 252 Coil Orthopedic Innerspring Plus Edge Support

• Non-Toxic Fire Protection

• Trusted Brand
o Lifetime Limited Warranty
o Made In The U.S.A.

• Designed to fit a Toddler Bed too!

• Provides Peace of Mind

I cannot thank Naturepedic enough for the opportunity to review and share this wonderful organic mattress with you and for the peace of mind that it has provided me.

If you are looking for a crib mattress I encourage you to read this article:
(it is just one of many informative articles on their site)

Naturepedic offers more than just crib mattresses...
They Offer Peace Of Mind!
Really, they do offer more than just crib mattresses.
To check out their selection of twin, full & queen mattresses (wish they offered king), bassinette mattresses (I will probably be looking into buying one of these), changing pads and more.
I hope that you will consider buying Naturepedic for your next mattress purchase.

I received no compensation for my review other than a free sample
of the product from Naturepedic.


  1. Really informative post about organic mattresses for babies - I couldn't agree more that this is a necessary purchase for any new mom. Babies spend an overwhelming amount of time in their crib and you don't want them breathing in any chemicals or toxins. Going organic means your baby will get the healthy, happy sleep they deserve!

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