Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ever Heard Of The Mini Social?

Special Invitation Only Sales on Designer Duds

"Conceived by mom’s for mom’s, the mini social provides private access to the most hip and modern designer clothing and accessories for mom, baby and child, all at up to 60% off. The invitation only site features clean, simple design, paired with a super easy shopping experience, and will host two or more designer socials each week. "

Shopping For A Cause

"A discount on designer duds isn’t the only thing you can feel pleased with yourself about. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to several favorite women’s and children’s charities, including the United States Fund for UNICEF and Shoe4Africa. It’s the social with a conscience."

Want To Help Me Earn $20 in Credit & Then Maybe Earn $20 in Credit for Yourself?

I will earn $20 in credit for every 5 people who join The Mini Social between now and May 23rd using this link!
And I will earn an additional $10 in credit when one of my referrals makes a purchase!

It's free & easy to join!
Please help me earn credit by clicking on my invitation link to join.
Once you become a member
they will give you an invitation link that you can use to invite your friends and family
maybe earn some credit for yourself!

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  1. Want to find out more about what Mini Social founders Dominique and Melinda look for when shopping for their girls, come read their guest editorial spot on tada! shop.