Thursday, September 23, 2010

You Need A WubbaNub!

There was a time when I said that my child would NEVER use one of those soothie-style pacifiers.
You know the ones...
they give them out at the hospital....
they look just like the nipple off of a bottle.

In fact, I was so adamant about it that I even brought my own pacifiers with me to the hospital when Bresden was born to ensure that he would not be given one of "those pacifiers."

But despite my best efforts, my son's pediatrician gave him a soothie-style pacifier when he was getting his circumcision and he has been attached to it ever since.

I guess that is why they say, "Never say Never!"

 As much as I can't stand the way they look....
I just can't take something away that he loves so much.

But I must share the one thing that has made accepting his attachment to Soothie pacifiers a little bit easier for me...

Introducing the WubbaNub!!!

What is a WubbaNub
 & Why Is It A Must-Have?

It's a cute little stuffed animal that is attached to a Soothie pacifier, invented by a mom after an entire night of the ever-persistent "missing pacifier syndrome" and it is sure to become one of your families favorite things.

The slight weight of the plush animal
 keeps the pacifier in place near the baby.
 It also
 provides comfort
 and makes it so much
 easier for the baby to grasp and manipulate the pacifier themselves.
 Which means
 fewer bouncing, rolling and lost pacifiers
 less rooting around in the stroller, crib or bag
 to find where the pacifier went.

No wonder WubbaNubs are being used in hospitals across the nation.

I Love the WubbaNub
 (sent to us free of charge for this review) 
because it helps my little guy keep his paci in his mouth,
it makes his pacifier so much easier to find
 and that cute little animal
takes away from the "bottle nipple in the mouth" look!

He Loves his "Wubby"
because it's his
 favorite pacifier and a cuddly toy all in one.

If you know a new parent or your are a new parent
who could use a little extra sleep at night
(what new parent couldn't?)....
You Need A WubbaNub!

If you just can't stand the way Soothie pacifiers look...
You Need A WubbaNub!
Maybe You Love Soothie Pacifiers...
You Need A WubbaNub!

Check out all the cute WubbaNub Pacifiers @

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They say,
"Once You Go Wub, Everything Else Is Just A Pacifier."

I was not paid to feature this review/post! 
 I was compensated only by the product sent for review/feature!

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  1. Very cute! My children never took to a pacifier, but I can see the benefits of having a little friend attached like this.

  2. The Bink Cat sells all styles of WubbaNub pacifiers for $10-$12. Check us out at and type in BLOG10 at checkout to take 10% off!