Thursday, September 16, 2010

Need Some Extra Money????

Who couldn't use some extra cash...especially with the holiday season approaching?
What if you could get the money that you desire
by simply cashing in items that you don't want anymore?
I was watching The Nate Berkus Show this morning and learned about a couple of
great websites that I am so excited to share with you....
The first website is


Cardpool is a marketplace where customers can buy, sell, or trade their gift cards.
Please Please Please click on my link to sign up....
I'll get credit for your referral & you'll be all set to
cash in your giftcards
save when you buy giftcards!
Why Cardpool is a Must-Have:
  • You can trade in giftcards that you may never use for cash or for giftcards to
  • You can save a little cash when buying giftcards from Cardpool as gifts this holiday season.
  • If you are planning to make a purchase and trying to get a great deal you can buy a discounted giftcard from Cardpool to make your purchase and then use it with a coupon code or discount to save even more.
The second website is


Gazelle offers an easy and fast way to sell or recycle gadgets.
Why Gazelle is a Must-Have:
  • Cuts down on the clutter
  • Gives you money for electronics that you no longer use.

I was not paid to post this feature but I may receive referral rewards from Cardpool if you register using my link.

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