Monday, July 18, 2011

LOVE AT FIRST BITE...Baby Mum-Mum Review & Giveaway...

As our little guy begins the transition to self-feeding it has been a struggle to find things that he can actually feed himself
without gagging & choking

Poor Guy, he wants to eat real food so bad but he has a
super sensitive gag reflex

In fact, we actually have an appointment with his pediatrician for a swallow study just to be sure that there is nothing medically wrong.  

We started out our self-feeding attempts by trying the popular star-shaped "puffs" that so many parents swear by (because they are made to dissolve quickly)....but our little guy even choked on those

So when we found
It Was
They were the first thing that our little guy was 
able to feed himself without choking &

In fact, he just got up from a nap and is enjoying one on my lap as I am typing this because he saw the box out and just had to have one.
What Are Mum-Mums & Why Are They A Must-Have?

Mum-Mums are rice rusks
made from specially selected fine quality rice
with no artificial colors or flavors & no preservatives.

I love when all the ingredients listed on a package are words that you can pronounce!

These tasty baked snacks are gluten, egg, & peanut free.  Mum-Mums are a quick dissolving, perfect "first snack" for your little one!
Apparently rice rusks have been a part of baby's diet throughout Asia for over a century...
Lucky for us they are now available in North America.
Each serving (of 2 rusks) is individually packaged for convenience and freshness....making them perfect for carrying in your diaper bag or purse.

They aren't messy either so you don't have to be concerned about that. 
I even give them to our son to snack on during church.

Why Have You Never Seen Or Heard Of Them Before?
They have probably been right there in front of you &
you may have just overlooked them.
Chances are,
your local store probably carries Mum-Mums
They are right there with the other infant & toddler snack items.
Be sure to look for them next time you are at the store or you can visit
to find a retailer near you.

Since discovering Mum-Mums we have been so excited to share them with everyone we know.  We even included them in the treat buffet at our son's 1st Birthday Party (look for a post with all the details of his party coming soon).  Even the adult's at the party wanted to give them a try!

So We Are Especially Excited To Share
  This Opportunity to 
WIN One of 3 Coupons For A Free Box of Mum-Mums! 

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  1. I have never heard of mum mums!

  2. I'm a follower!

  3. Looks like a great snack for the car.

  4. I have never heard of Mum-Mums.

  5. I follow this blogspot.

  6. I like that they are compact and you can just put them in your diaper bag or purse and you have a snack, quick and easy.

  7. I entered your swim wear g. away.

  8. We love mum-mums - even my Toddler and Preschooler still eats them with my 9 month old

  9. Oh, and I started following your blog -
    Mum-mum's appeal to us because they are a great way for babes to learn to feed themselves...they dissolve so quickly, I have little to no worry about choking/gagging
    I already like Mum-Mums via facebook

  10. I'm a follower!

  11. Mum-mum was the first "cookie" that Jeremy had, and he now LOVES the Strawberry toddler "cookies"!!

  12. My daughter LOVES mum mums! She never gets tired of eating them. They are not messy like those other baby biscuits either! Hearing her little crunches while she eats it is absolutely adorable :)

  13. I like the Baby Mum Mum facebook page!

  14. I love mum mums because they aren't messy, they are made from all natural ingredients, and (most importantly) my daughter loves them! :)

  15. I just discovered Mum Mums and my daughter loves them! I have to confess I like them too :)