Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A "Tooth Fairy Approved" Review....

My little guy just cut his first tooth and he is working on getting his second one in {Poor Guy}....

I know that it will be a long time before he looses his baby teeth
but I have already been looking for
(and I am excited to share that I have found)
an extra special way to preserve baby teeth & celebrate the magic of The Tooth Fairy tradition. 

Let me introduce you to
A Company That Specializes in Giving Baby Teeth a Home in Your Family Memories!
We had the pleasure of reviewing the
Complete Tooth Fairy Kit.
(sent to us free of charge for this review)
Why It's a Must-Have:

This absolutely adorable box is filled with everything you need to add to the Tooth Fairy Excitement and make your child's toothless moments treasured memories.
This "Tooth Fairy Approved" kit features: 

A Baby Tooth Keepsake Box
(with a rotating clear cover to keeps all of your child's teeth secure and organized)
{I'm sure The Tooth Fairy will be happy to let you keep those precious teeth when she sees that you have the Perfect Box for them}

A Baby Tooth Chart
(in the lid of the keepsake box)
 to keep track of when your child loses each tooth

A Baby Tooth Pouch
(to put under the pillow.....Tooth Fairy Money not included! )

Tooth Fairy Stationary
(so your little one can write an unforgettable letter to the Tooth Fairy)

"Dear Tooth Fairy, Please Stop Here!" Door Hanger
(so the Tooth Fairy won't forget.....and I have heard of Tooth Fairies forgetting to stop by!)

Available in Pink or Blue.
(so even Daddy approves of his little boy believing in fairies)

It is Such A Cute Kit
 I will be happy to hang on to it for the next few years
in anticipation of Bresden losing his first tooth
and the Tooth Fairy making her first visit to our home.

In the meantime,
I will be telling everyone I know about them so they can get one too!

Whether your little one is just at the teething phase (like mine), has discovered that first wiggly tooth or you are just looking for a unique gift for a special little person in your life.....

I highly recommend that you check out

You'll Be Glad You Did....
That's The Tooth, The Whole Tooth & Nothing But The Tooth!

I was not paid to post this review.
I was compensated only by the product that I received for this review.

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