Thursday, August 8, 2013

Just Wanted To Share Our Excitement With You

To Start With....
Our Little Guy turned "3" on June 25th!
3 Already!?!?! Where did the time go?
Anyway, I thought you might enjoy a glimpse of his invitation. 
Maybe (just maybe) one of these days I will get around to doing a blog post with some of the details from his pirate party.  And if I get really ambitious maybe (just maybe) I will go back and share the details of his Mickey Carnival Party that we did for his 2nd birthday too! 
I still get tons of messages and comments about his Cat In The Hat 1st Birthday Party.....
So stay tuned! 
Moving On To Other Exciting News....
Kate Middleton, Prince William and baby George
The "Royal Baby" was born and it seems the whole world was watching and excited to catch a glimpse of the little guy. 
 Cute as he is I couldn't take my eyes off of his beautiful mother.  I mean she even managed to make her postpartum bump look stylish. {Gagging A Little!} 
If only we could all look so perfectly put together leaving the hospital with our newborns! RIGHT?
Sorry if I kind of got off topic for a little bit there.

Back To What I Am Excited To Share....

Well, at the same time that we were sending out Bresden's birthday invitations we were also sending out these little cards that I was so excited to make....

{The Front}  

I purchased a bunch of sample spoons from a local ice cream shop, drilled ( yes actually drilled) 2 small holes in the front of the card, thread an 8 inch strip of  satin ribbon through the holes and tied a little bow to secure the spoons to the front of the card.

Why put little spoons on the front of a card?

Well, since our last name is WitherSPOON,
Little Baby Spoons seemed like the perfect thing to announce.... 

 Yep, I just might be ringing in The New Year in a hospital bed!
Thank you to those of you who have prayed for our family.  
We feel so blessed to be expecting our second child especially after thinking that we may never be able to have children of our own.
Infertility is no fun but don't let it stand in the way of your dreams!
Praise God for the doctors at RMA of Texas and for our 2 successful rounds of IVF!!!

And One More Bit Of Exciting News....

We went for our full anatomy ultrasound @17weeks and we are having....

Wait For It....

Wait For It....

I think that her ultrasound pic below effectively illustrates just how ridiculously excited I am!

Well, I am off to hopefully find myself a stylish Pink Polka Dot Outfit (like Kate's) to wear after my baby girl arrives! 
Stay tuned for updates on my pregnancy, what our family is up, cute girly things that I've made and found, interesting product reviews and maybe some fun giveaways!

It has been 3 years since my son was born and 
there are so many new Must-Have products out there 
that I can't wait to check out & share with you all!  

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Anyone else follow Tori Spelling's Blog, EdiTORIial?
I do and I must say that I love it!
Today she posted some great ideas for  
Father's Day Gifts
  and so I thought maybe I should post a couple of my own.  

 Last year just before Father's Day I caught my little guy trying on his Daddy's shoes and snapped a few pics. Talk about perfect timing.  For Father's Day I did a little editing on the photo, added a sweet message, had it printed and framed. 
I wanted to create something special for my Dad too and found this sweet photo of my little guy holding his Papa's hand to use for it..
Voila!  Sweet & Personal Father's Day Gifts To Be Treasured For Years To Come!

Now if only I could come up with something even better for this year!

Just thought someone may benefit from the last minute gift ideas or you could always
 Pin them for next year! 

Be sure to check out Tori's Gift Guide >>>HERE<<<

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The OV-Watch - A Fertility Predictor Kit

The following review was originally posted on my sister's blog 
  This may be news to you, but my husband and I have struggled with infertility for most of our 10 years of marriage.

Quick! What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words "peeing on a stick?"
If "pregnancy test" is the first and only thing that comes to mind then you are probably one of the lucky ones who hasn't had a difficult time getting pregnant and you may not even be aware that infertility effects 10-15 percent of the reproductive-age population and that many women "pee on sticks" to determine when they are ovulating to find their fertile window.
I have peed on my fair share of sticks...Ovulation predictors and pregnancy tests. I can't tell you how many times I thought, "Wouldn't it be nice if I didn't have to play with my urine and could just know when I was ovulating." How I wished that knowing the time of ovulation could have been as simple as just looking at a watch. 
Well with OV-Watch, now it is!
OV-Watch is a wristband ovulation detector that you wear at night while you are sleeping. It's advanced biosensor and microprocessor interpret hormone induced chloride ion fluctuations. The OV-Watch detects the chloride surge 3 days prior to the estrogen surge, 4 days prior to the LH surge and 5 days prior to ovulation, making it an earlier predictor of ovulation than any other chemical surges during the month. It is estimated that 66% more pregnancies will occur by month 6 with OV-Watch over urinary LH kits. The watch takes readings of chloride ion levels that are secreted in perspiration, detecting the chloride surge and providing the user with an alert of FERTILE DAYS 1-4 and OVULATION DAY. OV-Watch detects the 4 crucial days before ovulation as opposed to LH test sticks that detect the LH surge occurring just 12-24 hours before ovulation.
It helps women to take advantage of their full fertile window, which means less stress about timing and a higher likelihood of getting pregnant. Imagine that you are trying to throw a ball through a window...wouldn't you be more likely to achieve your goal if that window was a bit larger?

I can't help but wonder if the OV-Watch could have saved us from the two costly rounds of IVF that it took to conceive our son, who is now 2 1/2. I am sure that you will agree that the $139.99 for a starter

kit and the additional cost for the monthly supply of sensors will be money well spent if it helps you to conceive and is really nothing in comparison to the cost of other infertility treatments.
While I cannot share a personal success story about OV-Watch (yet) as I did not know about this product when we were trying to get pregnant with our son it just might end up playing a role in giving my son a brother or sister. Hopefully my sister will be sharing the news that she has a new niece or nephew on the way soon and we would love to hear if you have success with OV-Watch too.
You might be interested to know that Bachelorette Reality-TV Stars Trista & Ryan Sutter used OV-Watch to successfully conceive.
Go to to learn more about this amazing product, get answers to any questions that you may have. Buy an OV-Watch for yourself or share this technological breakthrough with a friend.
I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the product sent for review/feature!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I'm Back....

Alright, Alright....
I know you were probably thinking that this mommy MUST-HAVE given up on blogging for good, huh?
Well, No Such Luck!
I am back and things on Modern Mommy Must-Haves might just be better than before.
So I hope that you will excuse my absence and stick around for more Must-Have Reviews, Giveaways, Posts & Ideas that are Relevant To Modern Mommies. 

Just A "Little" Warning (Please Note The Smaller Font)....
Things May Get A Little Bit More Personal On Here!
I Think That We Are Ready To Take Our Relationship To The Next Level.
I Look Forward To Sharing More of Myself With You & I Hope That You Will Feel Comfortable Opening Up To Me Too.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Traveling Toddler Giveaway Winner...

The Traveling Toddler Giveaway Winner
(selected by is.....


Sheri said...

You can buy this at

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Traveling Toddler Review & Giveaway

Traveling By Air With A Toddler???

Your baby has transitioned from his infant carrier to a bigger bulkier convertible carseat and you are planning on traveling....Panic Sets In!!!
How are you going to carry everything & navigate through the airport???

I am excited to share a product with you that is going to change the way that you travel with a toddler... FOREVER!
(Or at least until they are no longer a toddler)


When our son transitioned to an upright carseat we were overwhelmed with trying to figure out how we were going to navigate through airports and ensure that our son's carseat would reach our destination with us. So we searched & searched and ended up  purchasing Traveling Toddler.

Traveling Toddler Turns Your Suitcase Into An Instant Stroller!
We Love It!  
We have already used it on several trips and each time we use it we are stopped by countless other families wanting to know all about it and where they can get one.  So just be prepared to be the envy of all the other parents traveling with toddlers that aren't traveling with "Traveling Toddler!"

Why It's A Must-Have:

Traveling Toddler is a T-shaped strap with 3 D-rings that utilizes your convertible carseat's latch system to secure your carseat to a rolling suitcase creating an Instant Stroller!

It allows you to push or pull a piece of luggage, your child's carseat and your child....all with one hand.

The strap is small. So you can just put it in your purse or carry-on when you are not using it.

It's Super Affordable!
Priced at about $15 & well worth every cent!

I can't imagine why anyone would pay $90 for a similar product that is on the market.  Especially, because this other product is way bulkier and can't be easily stored like Traveling Toddler can.
I also can't understand why anyone would buy a separate carseat, one of those expensive carseats with pop-out wheels that are designed for air travel, when they can utilize their own carseat for airtravel.

Let me go a step further and share the Instructions for using Traveling Toddler with you to answer any questions that you may still have about how it works & also share a couple of tips with you.

If you are planning to gate check your carseat or use it on the airplane you will need to disconnect Traveling Toddler to go through the TSA security checkpoint..... but if you practice connecting and disconnecting it before you travel it will be a piece of cake.
We use our Traveling Toddler on our rolling carry-on bag and as long as the bag is full it works great!
We gate-check our carseat (as our son is still under 2 & flies free) and reconnect it in the jetway once we land.
Please note:  Do not gate check your carry-on bag if you are going to want to use it with your Traveling Toddler at an airport where you are catching a connecting flight....the airlines will not give you your gate-checked carry-on until you reach your destination due to security restrictions (at least that has been our experience.)

I really can't believe that more families are not using Traveling Toddler.  I have to believe that it is just because they have not heard of it yet....
Precisely the reason I felt the need to post this review & get the word out!

Need One Right Away???

Want one but don't need it right away? 
Then read on.....

Traveling Toddler was excited that Modern Mommy Must-Haves wanted to spread the word about their product and would like to offer a Traveling Toddler to one of our lucky readers.

To Enter This Giveaway

(you may choose to do any or all of the following for extra entries):

1st- Visit & tell me where you can purchase this product.

2nd- Follow this blogspot publicly and comment that you do
(Click Join This Site & Sign-up with Google Friends Connect).
3rd - Have you traveled with a toddler?  Share your personal experience.  What were some of the challenges that you faced?  How did you get your toddler and their carseat to your destination?

4th- Tell a friend about Traveling Toddler and then post a comment letting us know who you told.
5th - Blog about this giveaway & comment that you did, with a link, so we can read about it

6th - If you win, will you keep it for yourself or give it to someone? Who?
This giveaway will end on December 21st, 2011 and is opened to US Residents only!

Be sure to leave your e-mail address with each entry and leave separate comments for each entry!

I was not paid to feature this post!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Funky Monkey Freeze Dried Fruit Snack Review

Maybe it is just me, but it seems like whenever you buy a new car you see way more of that same type of car on the road than before you owned one. I realize that there  are not actually any more of that type of car on the road than there was before it just seems like it because you are now more aware of them.

That is sort of the way that it has been with
Funky Monkey Snacks

I don't recall ever seeing them in a store before.
But now that I have tried them (sent free of charge for this review)
 it seems that I am seeing them everywhere I go.
So they must have been right there in front of my face...I just didn't really see them.
In hopes that you may experience
 that same heightened sense of awareness,
 I am happy to introduce Funky Monkey Snack to you.
Why You Will Want To Be Aware Of Funky Monkey Snacks:

Well, for starters,
They Taste Really Good!
But Beyond That....
Each 1 oz pouch contains 3 Servings of Fruit!
100% Organic 
All Natural
Gluten Free
Freeze-Dried Fruit
Available In A Variety Of Flavors

Funky Monkey Snacks Are So Fun To Eat...
They Are The Perfect Snack For The Whole Family!

Now that I have brought these delicious snacks to your attention I just know that
you are going to want to try them for yourself.

Be on the lookout for Funky Monkey- "Fruit That Crunches" at a store near you
or visit

I was not paid to feature this post! I was compensated only by the product sent to me free of charge for this review/feature!